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Our Operating Guidelines







We operate on a level of professionalism commensurate with that of the companies we work for. We strive to be a business partner, a resource our clients can turn to with confidence to fill key positions in their companies. Based on our repeat business rate (more than 60 percent of our assignments come from existing clients), we have proven that we are a trustworthy partner.

Our Principles

We don't begin a search without a clear understanding of our clients' requirements.

We respect our clients' established hiring procedures.

We only submit candidates who are truly qualified for the position.

We only submit a candidate after he or she has agreed to consider the position.

In addition to finding a genuine match for each position, we work to control our clients' expenses in the hiring process.

We don't disclose confidential information.

Our clients are our partners; it is our policy not to recruit candidates from them.

How we can help your Company

In today's fast-changing, highly competitive business world, proven experienced professionals are in greater demand than ever. Yet, in almost every industry, a shortage of highly qualified people has led to unprecedented hiring competition. It’s hard to recruit good people, hard to attract them, and hard to retain them. That’s why more and more companies turn to Vertex Technology Recruiters for help. Our success rate in finding qualified, compatible candidates for our clients is the reason we are now one of the largest management, professional, and technical recruiting firms in a single location in the country.


Recruiting is a specialty

The key to our success in helping our clients is simple: We have great recruiters. Great recruiters possess a unique set of skills. They have to be highly motivated individuals, because the work they do is intangible, often difficult and always challenging. They have excellent problem-solving skills, so they can quickly process information and choose the right route to a solution. They are sensitive and outgoing, they are truly interested in other people, and they quickly build rapport. They have good investigative abilities; they know what questions to ask and how to ask them to uncover subtleties that might affect a candidate’s suitability for a particular situation. Finally, recruiters are achievers, people who like to succeed by doing their job well, day after day, year after year.


A productive recruiting environment

Even the best recruiters need a supportive work environment in order to perform at peak efficiency. Here are some of the reasons your Vertex Technology  recruiters have a performance edge.


We  specialize in several industries . That is why we know exactly where to start looking for qualified candidates. We  also understand special terminology, grasp job requirements quickly, and can better evaluate candidates. Finally, we  know what the salary structures are and can help you formulate competitive offers.


Whenever possible, we assign amore than one recruiter to a search, designating one as your primary contact. This provides broader coverage for the assignment, and ensures that there is always a recruiter to answer your questions.


We are sticklers for professionalism because we act on behalf of our clients and our actions reflect on them. We will not risk your reputation (or ours) by misrepresenting you or by being careless with confidential information.

International reach

Because our clients ask us to recruit professionals with very specific qualifications, our searches often take us across the country and around the world.

"Retainer" service for a contingency fee

Although we typically work on a contingency basis (no hire, no fee), we give your assignment the kind of attention you normally expect only if you pay a nonrefundable retainer. We don’t just try to fill an assignment from our database; we go into the market with a targeted search effort to recruit candidates who meet the exact requirements of your position.

Give us a try


Find out for yourself what “retained service for a contingency fee” means. When you need a proven performer in our areas of specialty, give us a try. You will be pleased at how quickly we identify and present three or more well-qualified candidates.